Impact Network
Exchange (SINE)

Member Exchange Alliance

What is SINE?

SINE creates synergy. SINE is a global collaborative community that fuels collective empowerment and unprecedented unified action. Our syndicated meta-network and dynamic change engine amplify the impact of our alliance member’s initiatives.

SINE members co-create “synergized impacts” and trade “shares” raising each member’s social capital.  SINE Members play a Compassion Game “Let’s Make Waves!” and co-manage “Team Buying” of network services that empower all members.  We are passionate about synergy.

SINE is a Deep Social Network offering insights, strategies, tools, and services that empower like-minded members to most effectively reach a bigger audience by:

    • Hosting monthly online Social Media Cafes, Collaboratories, and quarterly Peace Wave Summits for learning and development
    • Distributing synchronized Live Streams to a network of members
    • Cross-posting Live and On Demand videos
    • Co-hosting events and sharing to a connected calendar
    • Sharing Action Reports data and maps of contributive actions
    • Co-creating other ways that take care of the health of the whole

Prospective members apply to join the SINE alliance. Compassion Games stewards the development, governance, and operation of the member exchange platform.  


“Each movement has its strengths and its limitations, which leads to the following proposition: collaboration that interweaves and amplifies the best that each has to offer is our best chance of creating the more beautiful, healthy, and just world we know is possible. We honestly can go further together, and we must—through a movement of movements created at a higher octave, a movement of movements (MoM) birthed from a whole new level of unity-in-diversity, so as to be capable of recreating humanity.”  –Jordan Luftig

    Our Guiding Principles

    All members commit to:

    • Brave. Kind. Fun. Results.
    • Build and maintain trust by co-managing shared resources.
    • Co-Producing “Synergized Impacts” creating meaningful outcomes.
    • Caring and sharing for each other; by amplifying each others work.
    • Walking in Beauty and Living the Loving Way.

    Membership Application Criteria

    SINE Members agree to collaborate in support of all members realizing their individual missions and to collectively create Peace on Earth by 2030.

    Apply for Membership

    “Networks create the conditions for emergence, which is how life changes.” ~Meg Wheatley